TV in Spain
April 4, 2011

Canal+Spain(Sogecable) has a monthly programme named "El tamaño no importa" ("Size doesn't matter") which is dedicated to animation series and short films with a maximum length of 5 minutes. 'Meat or Die' will be included on it. Moreover, they are preparing a part of the programme named "Japanese pop animation and surroundings" and will show episodes on it. Timetable is as below:

Day Date Time Channel
Thursday 2011/4/14 18:30 Canal+ Cable
Thursday 2011/4/14 18:30 Canal+ HD
Thursday 2011/4/14 19:00 Canal+ ...30
Monday 2011/4/18 10:30 Canal+ Comedia HD
Thursday 2011/4/21 11:20 Canal+ Xtra
Thursday 2011/4/21 11:20 Canal+ Xtra HD
Friday 2011/4/22 14:40 Canal+ Comedia HD
Monday 2011/4/25 10:30 Canal+ Cable
Monday 2011/4/25 10:30 Canal+ HD
Monday 2011/4/25 11:00 Canal+ ...30
Also each episode is used as a filler in their channels. Stay tuned!!!

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